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“St. Michael’s School has had the good fortune of being associated with Wisdom of Mind . They have been conducting seminars and putting on meaningful efforts for our students. The messages contained in these have been well received and have been a positive influence on our young and impressionable students. Jeetender plays a main role and has an uncanny way of mesmerizing people of all ages. He always keeps the students spellbound throughout the program. Our students have always enjoyed the events put up by him and his team and eagerly look forward to them. I wish him all the best. May his good works create a ripple effect and make a difference in this world.” -- Allen Samuel
“Our Team’, had the immense privilege of having Team Wisdom of Mind conduct his three-day program titled “Be the Change” for us. The impact that this workshop had on all of the attendees was amazing! Each attendee was inspired in reaching the life goals that they set during the workshop and each person left with a renewed vision for their life and with a challenge to make a difference in their city and country.I thank Jeetender for inspiring us all to ‘Be the Change’ in the world around us.” -- Jeevan Thakur
“I have known Jeetender for almost a decade now and two things that have been a common denominator between all these years are consistency of performance and excellence. He excels at coaching. Always listening and asking the right questions, his principle-based coaching has been helpful and beneficial to me. I believe that Jeetender’s hands-on style of working and his high emotional quotient makes him unique in this field. I highly recommend Jeetender’s services and vouch for his expertise.” -- Alexender Kostove
“Team Wisdom of Mind is having a wonderful teacher Mr. Jeetendra and has a way of captivating an audience with his unmistakable sense of humor. He is blessed with a deep understanding of life and the ability to explain it in a manner that sows a quest to learn further. His friendly nature makes him easy to get along with and he has a way of making each person feel special. I have learnt so much from attending David’s sessions over the past few years which has been very beneficial in helping me through the course of my life. I look forward to learning more in the future.” --Paggy Green
“I met Jeetender at an award function at work five years ago. Since then, we’ve become good friends. He has an amazing talent to connect with people—both individually and in large groups. I always feel comfortable to go to him to seek advice, because of his selfless and helping nature. He has a vast knowledge and provides interesting insights and views on a vast range of topics including team work, motivation, trust, communication, etc. I highly recommend his coaching and training services!” -- Ajay Kushwaha
“I attended a seminar by Mr. Rajesh Kumar a few months ago. He delivered an upbeat and highly professional talk that connected with me on a personal level. The high degree of commitment and personal relevance I got from his workshop is not something I have experienced before. Those lessons helped me to learn how to eat an elephant (aim of life) one bite at a time. I want to thank him for his energetic presentation. I was particularly impressed with the way he tells an exciting and interesting story and then weaves into it a very relevant message regarding goal setting and achievement. Another aspect that I’ve used as a mantra for myself in the months since the seminar is “it’s always too early to quit”. This is very important aspect for me in my quest to be successful in life. Jeetender’s presentation was a perfect fit for me. His delivery style enabled me to apply many of the principles in my own personal and business life. His energy and professionalism as a presenter combined with his frank but inspiring way of describing success principles to us was the topic of much discussion for the remainder of the conference and has continued since we have returned. I wouldn’t hesitate to attend his session again.” --Rubica Samual
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeetender in the past and I hope to work with him again on many future projects. He is an amazing presenter and a powerful speaker. He connects well with people of all ages and has the power to influence anyone in a positive way. You won’t go wrong hiring and working with him. He is charismatic, intelligent, and overall just an amazing person that I am happy to call a close friend.” -- Ashiq Shrestha
“We have known Jeetender for a very long time. He is really a wonderful person and a great friend. He has worked very hard over the years and, thanks to him and his dedication, the seminars that he organises are a huge success. He has a way of captivating the audience with his great sense of humour and the knowledge of the subject he is talking on. On a personal level, he is kind and a gentle person and my family is really fond of him. We wish him all the best for all his future endeavours.” -- Dr. Pronab Sen