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Memory Lab

Concept of Memory lab was introduced by Stanford University, now in India concept of memory lab is introduced by Renowned Brain Scientist Dr. Jeetender Kumar with association of Wisdom of Mind - Institute of Mindfulness and behaviour study. Memory is central to who we are and how we behave, with knowledge about the past informing thoughts and decisions in the present. Learning and memory provide critical knowledge that guides everyday activities, from remembering to take medications or recognizing previously encountered people, places, and things, to representing our goals and navigating our worlds. The research objectives of the Wisdom of Mind - Memory Laboratory are to understand the psychological and neural mechanisms that build memories and enable their expression, as well as how these mechanisms change with age. Current research directions – which combine behaviour, academic growth, find out real strength, best learning receptivity of individual, development of critical thinking skills, virtual reality, and computational approaches – include:

  • Delineating how cognitive control and attention modulate learning and memory.
  • Specifying the methods for slow performers to improve their core mind skills
  • Examining mental growth and apply methods to enhance concentration
  • brain waves coherence.
  • Improve level of understanding and confidence Self- esteem and cognitive development.

Activities in Memory Lab

Wisdom of Mind would like to draw your kind attention on the aforesaid subject with request you to support “Holistic Brain Development activities” which will not only improve education standard by developing brain efficiency during study, but also boost up employability in our province. We are strong believer that education is the key factor in shaping the future in various domains of life. Hence, we are working for the betterment of education by offering specialized programs aimed at boosting human brain abilities which is considered to be the most important crucial aspect for improving education standard. In order to improve education standard in our province, your able supervision and support will definitely lead to better outcomes. Without your support it will not be feasible for catering such programs effectively for betterment of education and society from grass root level to higher educational level of education.

  • We are taking sessions for AIIMS Delhi, PGIMS Rohtak, Indian Medical Association, Indian Army, Indian Air force, NDRF, BSF, HAU, GJU, IIT’s and some other MNC’s and Universities.

Our brains use memory to create a sense of reality, providing an ever-changing foundation for our knowledge of the world and ourselves. In the Memory Research Lab, we use research tools from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to identify the mechanisms that drive memory accuracy and distortion in different contexts. A better understanding of memory and cognition can improve our quality of life. Same class, same study material, same teachers, almost everything is same still performance of all students is not same. Toppers are lacking in few subjects and below average students are scoring well in few subjects, “The big question is why so, and what is solution”. Because of different level of cognitive abilities and environment is key reason for this. We investigate these questions using neuroimaging, cognitive, biometric, psychological and neuropsychological methods, working with healthy young and older adults as well as people with memory difficulties, and provide scientifically proven life changing solutions.

Benefits of Memory lab:

  • Improve memory power
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Develops concentration (Learn Faster)
  • Help in removing exam phobia (Fear of exam)
  • More conscious thinking style and sharper mind
  • The session will improve reading speed of participants
  • All the participants will be able to learn number of lists having 50 words

More About Memory Lab

Welcome to the Memory Lab, where we embark on a captivating exploration of memory's profound impact on our perception of reality and self-understanding. Our team of dedicated scientists at Wisdom Of Mind is committed to unraveling the mysteries of memory formation and expression, shedding light on its crucial role in our daily lives.

Memory shapes who we are and influences our behavior by utilizing knowledge from the past to navigate the present with confidence. From recalling essential tasks to recognizing familiar faces, places, and objects, memory plays an indispensable role in our lives.

At Memory Lab, we strive to understand how memory evolves with age and under different neurological conditions, aiming to make groundbreaking discoveries that improve lives. By employing a comprehensive approach, combining behavioral studies, brain imaging techniques, virtual reality simulations, and computational models, we gain profound insights into the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying memory.

Join us on this fascinating journey as we unlock the full potential of memory. Together, let's pave the way for advancements in cognitive science and make a positive impact on society. Experience the future of memory research at Wisdom Of Mind Memory Lab.

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