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What is Aura

An aura is an energy field that is emitted from all objects and living things, it affects your thought process and feelings. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe. The Human Energy Field as a collection of electro - magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person.

Most of the time, the aura is seen as layers of color around the subject. If you want to become an aura reader, it takes a considerable amount of practice. This article is for beginners with an open mind.

The seven layers of aura

One of the most well known healers and teachers in the field of energy healing and aura healing is Barbara Brennan. A former NASA physicist, Barbara Brennan studied the energy around the earth and then applied the theory to the human body. Through her work, Barbara Brennan has identified seven layers of the human energy field. The first three layers are the most dense and easiest to perceive, they pertain to the physical plane. The higher layers are vibrating at higher frequencies and are more difficult to perceive. Here are the seven layers:
  1. Etheric body - the first layer and most dense of all, is where the physical body is formed.
  2. Emotional body - the second layer is where healing of our emotions occurs and we develop self love.
  3. Mental body - the third layer comprises of the mental aspect, thoughts and beliefs. Healing of this aura layer is creating positive thought forms.
  4. Astral body - the fourth layer is on the astral plane and contains the records of all our past - childhood experience, conception, pre-conception, as well as our past life experiences.
  5. Etheric body - the fifth layer is the spiritual plane and encompasses our will, our purpose in life, in this physical form, becoming our own authority and our sense of truth.
  6. Celestial body - is also on the spiritual place and this is the layer of divine love and unconditional love for all of creation.
  7. Ketheric body - the last of the seven layers, vibrating at the highest frequency, also on the spiritual plane. This is the layer of divine wisdom, divine perfection and oneness with the universe.

Human Energy Field - Complete Personal Report

Human Energy Field - is the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual condition of a person. The image of Energy Field, created in Kislian Camera is based on ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine and verified by 18 years of clinical experience by hundreds of medical doctors with many thousands of patients.

This report will show you your Reflects energy re-distribution for all of the different organs and systems.

Health Status

The Health Status is designed for analysis the functional state of the human body, by calculating the integral parameters of energy distribution in the body and in organs and for their comparison with reference parameters of a practically healthy person calculated in according with the database. The typical energy level corresponds to the green zone in the middle. The inner circle is the area of energy deficiency (hypo-energy state). The outer ring is the area of energy excess (hyper-energy state). The diagrams are divided into the sectors related to a certain part of the human body.

Demonstrate the level of energy for the particular person both in Joules and in %% related to the Database of apparently healthy people, measured from 0 to 100 Joules (×10-2).

This report will tell you Energy level, STRESS LEVEL and Balance

According to Eastern metaphysical theories and principles of Ayurvedic Indian medicine, there are seven "Chakras" or integrated energy centers that are considered to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Chakras reflect emotional state of a person. Chakras are related to energy flow internally and externally. They are not stable and may change every other minute. Stability of Chakras is indication of emotional balance of a person. Ideal balance of Chakras may be seen for people involved in daily meditation and mental training.

Shift Chakras to the right (when we look to the picture) is related to the inner emotional reactions of a person. Shift Chakras to the left (when we look to the picture) is related to the response to environmental situation (other people, electromagnetic fields, weather, etc). Parameters of Chakras: Alignment - characteristics of the shift from the center averaged on all chakras; changes from 0 to 100%. Index - characteristics of the shift from the center together with the size averaged on all chakras; changes from 0 to 100%.

Energy averaged on all Chakras; changes from 0 to 10 Joules (×10-2); optimal 5-7 Joules (×10-2).

We must understand how a disease enters into a human body

The 7 chakras, archetypal of ones pure consciousness, awareness concerning them is gaining prominence within the collective human wisdom. These seven chakra, centres of energy that move inside of us, lead us to a higher awareness of the Self. Chakra, a Sanskrit word meaning a spinning disc, symbolizes the process of an eternal cyclical movement. In the context of traditional Indian belief system chakras appear in the subtle body and are the energy centers that transport life force, of which the pure consciousness is made of. The 7 Chakras are called the ‘Sangam’ points, where the gross and subtle energies converge Chakras interact and link with the physical body and its organs, the hormone generating endocrine glands, nervous system and the associated emotions. Though the numbers of chakras are said to be in hundreds, the primary seven chakras cover the basic theory of Human consciousness. To help balance a Chakra, we need to bring in these seven chakras vibration resonating to their natural frequency…

(1) Root Chakra, Muladhara Chakra

Chakras the 1st Chakra, is at the base of the spine and is red in color.
Mently Parameters: Loan Problem, Financly Problem,Depression
Health issues: Joint pain, lower backache,sciatica, anemia elimination problem's, obesity, constipation, anorexia, and poor immune system function

(2) Sacral Chakra, Swadishtaan Chakra

which is the 2nd Chakra, is located just below the navel. Resonating with the color orange
Mentaly Parameter :Relationship & Emotional , Over Active Sex, after Martial Affair ,disturbed Martial Life , addition Drug Eating disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse , Depression
Health Issues: Uterine or bladder problems, sexual difficulties, impotence, lack of flexibility, sciatica, lower back pain, and problems with large intestines. Low back pain. Asthma or allergies. Candida & yeast infections. Urinary problems. Sensuality issues as well as impotency and frigidity

(3) Solar Plexus, Manipura Chakra

which is the 3rd Chakra, goes from just below the heart down to the navel. Yellow in color
Mentaly Parameter : Low memory,fear of something new, low energy, confusion over which direction to go, and low self-esteem. aggressive manipulation
Health Issues: diabetes, Digestive problems, hypoglycemia, gallstones, nervousness, low energy, muscle cramps, stomach problems, lumbar spine, liver disorders.

(4) Heart Chakra Anahta Chkra

which is the 4th Chakra, is in the center of the chest. It displays the colors green
Health issues: high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, circulation problems, shortness of breath, chest pains, disorders of the heart, tension between the shoulders.
Mentaly Parameter : Love Problem , Relation Ship Problem ,Ego ,

(5) Throat Chakra, Vishudha Chakra

is the 5th Chakra, at the base of the throat, and is blue in color.
Health issues: fever, ear infections, weariness, thyroid problems, disorders in the throat, ears, voice, neck, cervical spine, hypothalamus and esophagus problems.
Mentaly Parameter : Speech & Expression Problems'.

(6) Third Eye, Agya Chakra

which is the 6th Chakra, is in the center of the forehead. It resonates with the color indigo
Mentaly Parameter: Intuition & Understanding Problem ,
Health issues: headaches, eye problems, pituitary and pineal glands, neurological problems. Transcendence of the unloving imprints of this chakra: "Balance the physical and the mental health.

(7) Crown Chakra, Sahastra Chakras

which is the 7th Chakra, is at the very top of the head. It appears with the color violet and pure white Light
Mentaly Parameter: Spiritual Understanding , Divine Understanding
Healthy Issues: Migraines, brain tumors, coma, amnesia, nervous system and muscular system disorders, mental issues, and skin disorders

How a disease enters into a human body:

The entrance gates opened to the body are through five channels and have performed their duties in coordination with the other. They are eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. Or Five Sence Our Body vision, smell, sound, taste and sense or Element In Our Body Sky , Air,Fire,Water ,Earth
In indirect way they work on mind and body ultimately the body physics and chemistry changes which is reflected on Bio-energy ( in the aura level) .These sensing can be understood as follows: Chakra scanning tool is designed in such a way that depleted bio electric magnetic field of a human body can be rejunivated by various therapies such as...

Light energy ,Crystal Therapy :

Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of vibrational frequency of crystal rays emitting from harmonizer. Light energy of required color is induced to the body through a system of crystals providing the similar and opposite frequencies to the disease (polarity). Here light energy with high potency is allowed to penetrate into the body using cyclotron. Cyclotron improves the quality and quantity of light energy.


Colour therapy or chromo therapy is a form of various colour frequencies emitting from harmonizer. CHANTING ,SOUND THERAPY : Chanting therapy or sound therapy is a form of various chanting mantras emitting from harmonizer.

Freequency of seven chakras

Muladhara-240frequency; Lum mantra or Raga-Bhageswari
Swadistana270frequeny; Vum mantra, or Raga- Malhar.
Manipura300frequency; Rum mantra,or Raga- Ahir Bhiravi,
Anahata 320 frequency; Yam mantra or Raga- Shiva-ranjani,
Visudda 36o frequency ; Ham mantra or Raga - Gorakh kalyani
Agna 400frequency;mantra Aum. mantra or Raga Todi
Sahastrara- 450;frequency Raga Bairagi


Aroma therapy is a form of diffusing various types of aromas through the harmonizer. Aroma therapy is a form of diffusing various types of aromas through the harmonizer


Particular people with disease have a tendency to eat something which is requirement of the depilated cell. Before or after treating the patient a fruit bearing required color or juice is fed to the person as desired by them.


The person is asked to touch a hundred years old tree, cow, dog, dolphin, tortoise etc. which not only conducts the negative energy stored in the body but also induce low frequency.

After spritirual session/Tratment :

After a treatment you may Experience a healing Reaction After treatment you may experience a 'healing reaction'. Relaxation Body,feel happy . The healing can also affect the emotional, mental, or spiritual This usually indicates that your body is continuing with the cleansing process. It also indicates that more Heiling may be necessary. Symptoms you may experience are headache, nausea, cold or flu like symptoms, bowel changes, feeling emotional and fatigued. This should normally resolve within a few days. During this time you can support your body by drinking lots of water, eating healthily, gently exercising and talking through your feelings with someone you trust.

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