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Am I addicted?

This is the story of a 31 years old man, who was completely addicted to cough syrup and smoking drugs. Even though he wanted to quit it, he was not able to. He had stopped going for work from past 4 years. He had started taking these for the sake of fun and gradually got addicted to it and always had a craving if it was not supplied.

A proper psycho education was given to him and an inner locus of control was built in him to stand the craving for drugs. His addictions were replaced with other healthy pleasurable activities. He was motivated to work and achieve something in life. He was motivated to have a goal in life and start working on it.

After 2 months of therapy he was out of his addiction, started working in a reputed company and has set a goal to do his higher studies overseas after earning and saving enough money for his education. He has become more responsible, taking all the responsibilities at home and doing well.