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Know your Child

Know Hidden Potential of your child.

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Know Your Child

How can a parent communicate better with children and teenagers? Wisdom of mind offers short workshops that throw light on children and teens, their behavior and the issues that affect them. Learn simple ways to understand and respond to your children, and how to keep parenting firm, fair and fun.

The Know Your Child workshop is for parents of children in the ages from 4-13 years.

Your child's Viewpoint

The viewpoint of a child is very different from that of an adult. A child's view is full of wonder, amazement and excitement, innocent mischief and simplicity. In the first few years, teachers and parents constitute the major portion of a child’s environment. Yet there is a fundamental difference between the perspectives of a child and that of an adult. As time goes by, the child slowly starts imbibing more and more of its environment, and begins to express ideas that it has acquired from observation.

Because of this “cultural” misunderstanding, children often feel they are not understood, and parents feel frustrated as their child acts out. If this “cultural divide” deepens, the quality of the relationship between parents and children can deteriorate, creating a lack of closeness among family members.

Improve the quality of family life dramatically

The Know Your Child workshop is designed to help parents understand children better and thus improve the quality of family life dramatically. KYC does a root cause analysis of children’s behavioral patterns and equips the parents with the knowledge to help children blossom to their full potential. These inputs are also vital to preserving the beauty of the relationship as the child grows up to teenage and adulthood.

The pre-requisites are

  • None


KYC workshop helps every parent to:

    Understand their child better
  • Know why children behave the way they do
  • Take the right steps in bringing up their child
  • Spend quality time with children
  • Overview

    3 hour interactive workshop

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