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Parents Children and Work Life Balance


This is the story of a 12 year old girl

The child was very polite and active. But all of a sudden she started showing strange behaviours like throwing excessive temper tantrums, not willing to go to school in spite of having very good academic performance in the past, tearing all her books and breaking things, always cribbing about one or the other thing, constantly complaining of having aches and pains, placing unrealistic demands, always saying she wants to die and not having food and sleep properly. This really worried the parents and they were not aware of the reason behind the child’s behaviour.

The child was stubborn and was not willing to say why she is showing such behaviour. A good rapport was built with the child and through a proper assessment, the reasons were revealed.

The reasons being the child’s parents were not in good terms and were constantly fighting and having bitter conversation in front the child. The mother was very career oriented and she didn’t show enough care and affection neither to the child nor to her husband. Due to which the child developed attention seeking behaviours. It was also revealed that the child’s father kept on saying the child that “Your mother lost everyone because of her job and higher studies”, due to which the child started saying she doesn’t want to study and doesn’t want to work thinking that if she studies and goes for a job, she will lose everyone.

Regular therapy was given to the child and her mother also. Just after 3 sessions her mother was able to notice the difference in the child’s behaviour. She completely stopped all her unhealthy behaviour, showing more interest towards her studies, she does her work without any supervision, she stopped her attention seeking behaviour and she will always be active and cheerful.