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Anger and Assertiveness

She is a 17 year-old female, who is a student and is living with her parents. Her presenting problems were that she had problems trusting people around, suffering from emotional outbursts, was very stubborn by nature, would pick up fights with family and snap at them. She would get angry immediately. She displayed high social anxiety. She also showed signs of Obsessive thoughts.

She was facing a problem in being assertive to her care takers in letting them know that she was not liking the fact that she was getting help from them for every small task at hand. For example , even if she wishes to bake cookies she would be offered help from her grandmother. She was not getting her space in her house. So, she would start getting irritated and frustrated at it.

She was under therapy for a months time. She started showing remarkable changes with her folks around her. They could feel that she had stopped/ reduced snapping at them. she had started being more assertive with them in her conversation instead of picking up with a fight with them. She started doing her activities on her own and started enjoying them by doing them by herself. She started working on her self -esteem by working out at the gym and trying to reduce the dissonance between her ideal self and real self.