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Mind Therapist, Reiki Grandmaster, NLP Coach, Spiritual Master.

Professional/ Young Innovator, PDUIIC, Under RUSA 2.0, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. of India, GJUS & T, Hisar.

Motivational Speaker, and Psychologist. Resource Person under TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program), World Bank and Government of India.

A passionate teacher and researcher, Jeetender Kumar is known for putting his heart and soul in everything he does. With a host of strong qualifications backing him, he is always searching for new challenges which he can overcome with the use of cutting-edge technology and his deep learning of different trades.

Jeetender is working on brain and behavior of individuals and to improve the concentration power and memorization ability of the human’s BRAIN. It is very beneficial for each and every individual student to activate their mind for optimal performance to secure good marks and good academic performance during their learning career. He teach individuals with scientific methods and techniques regarding how they can enhance their memory power 4-5 times more than normal.

Nominated for Padma Award on behalf of Govt. of Haryana, by Member of Lok Sabha, Member of Rajya Sabha.

Applied 5 patents.

Certified design thinking trainer the term is introduce by stanford graduate school of business

Certified from Arizona State University for "Learning How to LEARN for Youth"

Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age by University of Illinois

" Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success" from Imperial College London

Mr. Kumar provides memory enhancement workshops which produce a noticeable and immediate effect in the lives of student who join the workshop. He is founder member of “Wisdom of Mind” a prominent name in holistic brain development in India. Working to take an initiation for the betterment of individuals and to improve their skills which can help them further in their career. Specially working on specific methods to enhance the brain’s performance.

A dynamic and result driven professional with approx. 16 years of industrial experience. Well acquainted with the skills of People Management, Project Management, Hiring Management and Team Leader. Able to prioritize high workload as per available capacity, achieved expected productivity, quality, compliance as per SLA with client, resolved conflict with internal and external stakeholders, work as a team builder and able to successfully drive the project in high pressure atmosphere. Actively enrolled in the process enhancing and improvement projects with available analysis tool and shown visible results. His idea of profession is to work for his passion. His passion for social issues, passion for teaching, and developing the Best methods of utilizing brain’s potential, passion to uplift under privileged.

There are some more additions to his qualifications in terms of the Hardware Profile like

  • Knowledge of Assembling and troubleshooting PC and Laptop and Mobiles.
  • Loading Operating Systems and other Software.
  • Troubleshooting and configuration of Various Operating Systems and Software packages.

Career: Associated with many global leaders in the past like Arena Multimedia, New Horizons Pvt. Ltd, National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research, SURYA World, GGDSD College, Haryana Agriculture University, Delhi Technological University, Indian Army, A.M.C., Indian Air Force etc. as an Expert faculty/Corporate Trainer and Training Specialist, Kumar always provides excellent leadership and training skills which makes him a valuable asset to the management. He has an excellent knowledge of Labor laws and Provisions along with HRM Processes, Procedures and Policies.

He is always open to learn new things and apply them in his work. He is a good mind-reader and following his dream of helping blind kids for details The Power Trust , in Wisdom of Mind he is doing some amazingly fruitful work like giving memory management and memory boosting workshops in different states of India and abroad. He provides training sessions to individuals to improve the concentration power and Memorization ability of the human’s brain. His workshop produced a noticeable and immediate effect in the lives of participants who joined it. In this workshop, he includes screening and mental health assessment with some brain exercises, activities and assignments etc. His training-cum-meditation session on brain balancing helps to map the brain, its activities and how to make effective intervention. He has a team with unprecedented commitment and have strived selflessly towards the betterment of the society.

He also gave training to AIIMS Delhi, PGI Rohtak, Indian Army, Air Force, NDRF, BSF, different universities, IIT DTU, HAU etc. Not only that but he helped more than 500 blind children and now they are able to see. This service is completely free at Wisdom of Mind. You can know more about them by visiting their website Wisdom of Mind

With precious qualities like mind reading, insight, adaptability, integrity, appropriateness, fast learning and a strong, honest work ethic make Mr. Kumar way better than his contemporaries. He not only worked with many organizations but was a big reason for the happiness of blind kids who are now able to see this beautiful world because of Mr. Kumar workshops. He is a combination of a warm and friendly personality with effective management skills. If you know a kid who is blind or want to throw a workshop or sessions on mind management in your company, Jeetender Kumar is your man.

Early Life & Education

Kumar was born to Mr. Om Prakash in the 14th of October 1983. He was not born with a silver spoon and worked very hard to gain the qualifications and achievements which he has now. He passed his senior secondary examination from the H.B.S.E in first division and then the B.C.A from theKurukshtra University. Later, he completed the Masters in Computer Applications. During his professional career, he achieved different qualifications and certificates. Let’s have a look.

  • Certificate in Advance Web Development Technologies from Infopark Technologies.
  • Certificate in Open Source Development Using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP).
  • Certificate on CA Erwin Data Modeler Application and CCNA.
  • Multiple session done for 545+ blind people.Many have got benifitted in which people can see colors and some if them clearly read.
  • Workshop attended for Advanced Web Development from NITTTR.
  • Training Faculties of Various Engg. College on behalf of NITTTR.
  • Delivered more than 200 guest lectures for faculty development program of faculty of reputed universities and colleges.


During the illustrated career, Kumar received different achievements and acknowledgments.

  • Employee turnover reduced which led to an increase in salary levels.
  • The introduction of performance-based incentives.
  • The successful implementation of change management.
  • Development and launching of the core management system.
  • Achieved highest level customer satisfaction for his service.
  • Achieved recognition for design and marketing excellence.
  • Getting promotion within a few months in each company for his excellent services.
  • Acknowledged as the best faculty in Chitkara University.
  • Got the award of the mentor of the year and employee of the year multiple times.
  • His TV ad, “Incredible India, the Campaign launched by Ministry of Tourism” got nominated as thebest ad.
  • Till today adressed approximately 5Lac audiams.


  • National awards holder.
  • Internationally awarded and renowned as Memory Expert and mind therapist.
  • Many of his programs have been released on National TV channels, All India Radio, Newspapers.
  • Has served Indian Army. A.M.C, Indian Air Force, PGI Rohtak, A.P.S., IIT Delhi, DTU, HAU, GJU etc.
  • Hast addressed more than 5 lack trainees.
  • Science fiction, brain science articles, memory enhancement techniques writer.
  • Working in the field of Brain Science and invented new methods to enhance brain’s efficiency.
  • Internationally renowned highly acclaimed Motivational speaker, energy expert.
  • Spiritual healer and 14 year experience Reiki Grandmaster.
  • Best memory trainer award winner.
  • Many of his students achieved national award and performed on national TV.



Know your hidden power inside you

Reiki Grandmaster

Mr. Kumar is Reiki Grandmaster since 15 years.Many peoples have been cured by reiki healing.

Memory Master

Mr. Kumar is working on brain and behavior of individuals and to improve the concentration power and memorization ability of the human’s BRAIN.

Motivational Speaker

Mr. Kumar is best motivational speaker.Many students have increased their confidence and motivated by Mr. Kumar.

Social Services

  • 545+


    Blinds are now able to see's a free service for visually impaired people.Many peoples get their light of eyes back and able to see they recognize colors and able to read newspaper.

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    We are working on Billion Tree Project. Working with help of all states in INDIA.

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    We are helping society in field of education. We are opening Tution Centers and FREE Library in villages and towns.

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    We try to helppeople to lead a healthy life by the use of various techniques our vision can help people to make long-lasting changes in their own lives by using thought interventions.

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